Pi Beta Phi
At Our University
About Our Chapter

Welcome friends, family, and future members to the the California Eta chapter of Pi Beta Phi! My name is Siarah Emmerich and I am the Chapter President here at UC Irvine. I know all of this information may appear daunting but do not fear, your Angels at Cal Eta are here to help. At Pi Phi we are built on the foundations of sincere friendship and lifelong commitment to create a premier experience and foster an environment that facilities growth and success during your time in college. 

This California chapter was founded on January 26th, 1974 and we continue to stand for and represent the values that our original founding members stood for back in 1867. California Eta is a chapter of diverse women whose involvements on and off campus create a community of opportunity and growth. We are continuously working to better ourselves and empower our sisters through a supportive and loving community. 

Pi Phi has been my home since my first year at college and I am honored to stand by and serve the women who continue to empower me. We are so excited to show you our chapter so that you may meet all of our amazing and talented women. With a chapter of women behind you, anything is possible. That’s why Pi Beta Phi truly is heaven on earth!

With Pi Phi Love and Mine,

Siarah Emmerich

2018 Chapter President